Urgent Appeal Cases

Urgent Appeal cases

What do you do if you are a garment worker or activist and your rights are being violated and you are unable to resolve the abuse? You can then ring the bell with a local organisation at the worldwide network of Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC). The CCC network then checks whether an Urgent Appeal can be made. We then do everything we can to support the garment workers or activists, together with local organisations in the country where the violation takes place, and activists and organisations all over the world.

Violations in East Asia

Asia is the garment factory of the world, but the sector remains an array of problems to solve, including transition towards a more sustainable business model, with improved wages and working conditions. While few garment factories operate in East Asia today, many East Asian companies still play important roles in the garment supply chain. However, since most of the East Asian garment companies do not operate in their own countries and shifted their production to other lower-cost countries, it creates further hurdles for oversea workers to seek remedies.