Jaba Garmindo

Today, show UNIQLO that what matters most to consumers is workers’ rights, both retail workers and garment workers; not price points, or parties or a world take over. Join Global Action Now.

Action 1: Leave messages of support for the Jaba Garmindo workers on UNIQLO´s page chat, or on their wall. Use their world take over to tell UNIQLO that growing their brand cannot be built on the exploitation of workers. UNIQLO`s page: https://www.facebook.com/uniqlo/

Action 2: Spread the news and videos of Workers’ quests to Japan, with hashtag #PayUpUniqlo.
Tell CEO Tadashi Yanai it's shameful what is happening and it can be solved this week! Tell UNIQLO to meet with the Jaba Garmindo union and negotiate a settlement. The Jaba Garmindo workers aren't asking for a giveaway. They just want the severance pay and wages they are legally owed.

Day 0: The Background: Workers on Quest to Justice

Day 1: Arriving Tokyo

Day 2: Direct Action to Uniqlo

Day 3: Voices of Women Workers

Day 4: Solidarity forever

Day 5: A Breakthrough

The Fact: 5 Hidden Facts about Uniqlo