Jaba Garmindo, Indonesia

With Jaba Garmindo sudden bankruptcy, two thousands families lost their livelihood

Indoesnian workers have been struggling for three years to reclaim their rights, they demand Japanese giant fashion brand to fulfill its responsibility. This case illustrate how bad purchasing practices from fashion brands could lead to factory closures and great suffer to workers.






Apr 2019   Campaign and action in Copenhagen
Nov 2018  Uniqlo walk away from mediation process, campaign continues
Oct 2018   Workers campaign in Tokyo
Sep 2018   Multiple solidarity campaigns in Spain, UK, Hong Kong, and in Netherland
July 2018  10,000 petitions appeal to Roger Federer, urging him convince his new sponsor Uniqlo to negotiate with workers
Apr 2018   Statement of Jaba Garmindo workers to UNIQLO

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Global Solidarity

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Uniqlo is rapidly expanding their market around the world. In July, we action and asked Roger Federer, who just struck a 30 million deal with Uniqlo, to tell Uniqlo to pay the workers. In August and September, on the day a new store opened in Sweden and The Netherlands, we action and flooded Uniqlo's social media. Uniqlo responded after a series of campaign, but they walked away from mediation process and refuse to make substantial offer to the workers. Now we need to keep the pressure on, a public push clearly makes them move. Will you help spread the words and urge Uniqlo to be responsible?