Fight For Living Wage

Globally recognised as a basic right

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has defined a living wage as a basic human right under their conventions and recommendations to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 23.

CCC is working alongside garment workers, trade union, consumers and campaigners, we are calling for those working in the garment industry to be paid a wage they can live on.

#TurnAroundHM Campaign

We are demanding H&M to fulfill its living wage promise to workers made in 2013, something H&M is try to cover up.



Take Action

It would take just ten cents per t-shirt for brands to make sure garment workers survive the pandemic. Millions of garment workers worldwide are losing their jobs without compensation, or receiving much less than their regular poverty wages. Most of these workers are women. Hunger forces those who still have jobs to put their lives at risk in unsafe workplaces.

Tell Nike and Matalan: It’s time to #RespectLabourRights and #PayYourWorkers!