What is Urgent Appeal?

Rapid Respond to workers' request

An urgent appeal is a rapid response to a request for support from workers in the garment industry whose rights are being infringed. Since the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) was launched in 1989, Clean Clothes activists have supported garment and sportswear workers in about 450 cases in 40 different countries where their rights were violated.

The Triangle Solidarity

The CCC works with other organisations to simultaneously put pressure on all those responsible for improving workplace conditions.
This often results in a “triangle solidarity” strategy for action: campaigning in the producing country where violations occur, in as many countries as possible where the clothing is sold, and also in the home country of the factory owner.


Campaigns led to greater protections to workers

Many of the urgent appeal cases that have been successes for workers locally have also set precedents that have a significant spill-over effect towards improvements on a larger scale: victories gave inspiration to workers facing similar issues in other workplaces. To name a few of campaign successes, Adidas settlement with Indonesia PT Kizone workers in 2013, and German brand Kik pay additional USD 5.15 million to victims of Pakistan Ali Enterprise Fire in 2016.