How We Work

The CCC EA Coalition shares the Vision and Mission of the Clean Clothes Campaign Network, and seeks to implement it in the region of East Asia.


All people working in the global garment and sportswear industries enjoy and exercise their human rights at work and in the community and are able to defend and improve these rights.


The Clean Clothes Campaign network works to structurally improve working conditions and support the empowerment of manufacturing workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. We:

  • Put pressure on companies and governments to take responsibility to ensure that the rights of manufacturing workers in global supply chains are respected and implemented;
  • Work in solidarity with organised workers in global supply chains fighting for their rights anywhere from the workplace to the global level; and take action on concrete cases of violations of the rights of workers and activists;
  • Raise awareness and mobilise people to undertake individual and collective action (linked to consumption, citizenship, work, investment or other areas of life);
  • Explore judicial mechanisms and lobby for legislation to protect workers’ rights and hold companies accountable;
  • Promote public and private procurement that ensures workers’ rights are respected in the production process;
  • Work together to develop our own network and strengthen the global alliance for workers’ rights.

** The term "company" refers to all companies that we hold responsible for working conditions and workers’ rights in garment and sportswear supply chains including global garment and sportswear brands, retailers, agents, global and national manufacturers and sub-contractors.